10 Nov 2010

TRIUM Story – Nadir Patel

Consul General of Canada to Shanghai
TRIUM Global Executive MBA, Class of 2009
Diploma, Master of Business Administration
Wilfrid Laurier University
Diploma, Bachelor of Arts

A recent graduate of the TRIUM Global Executive MBA program, Nadir Patel was appointed Consul General of Canada to Shanghai in April of this year.

His distinguished career in the Canadian government began in the Customs and Revenue Agency. He quickly rose through the ranks, and moved to the Privy Council Office as Chief of Staff to the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, where he helped write Canada’s national security policy after the events of 9/11.

In 2006, Nadir was appointed Chief Air Negotiator for Canada. In three years, he traveled to 35 countries, negotiating Canadian airspace with governments around the world, including a groundbreaking agreement between Canada and the European Union (representing 27 countries).

In his career, Nadir has always found a strong link between public policy and business. His interest in the business world grew, and he realized that not only did he want to learn more, but also that broadening his business knowledge and honing his business skills would make him more effective and successful in his public policy work. During his time as Chief Air Negotiator, Nadir began looking at EMBA programs that combined his experience in government and his passion for business.

“As soon as I came across TRIUM, I didn’t look at other programs. It was a perfect fit. No other MBA program had such a strong focus on the socio-political dimensions of business, particularly through the LSE component. Events of the recent past have only highlighted the important link between geo-politics, public policy and business.”

The knowledge Nadir gained at TRIUM became invaluable to his work for the Canadian government.

“TRIUM helped me to understand more about business, finance, and economics than I could have asked for in any other program.”

Nadir also found TRIUM to be the ideal program to develop his business skills on an international level. In addition to New York, Paris, and London, Nadir also studied in India and China, with students from 32 different countries.

“It doesn’t get any more global than that. One of the many reasons I chose TRIUM was the global network of people. TRIUM provides an unparalleled global perspective. I thought I had a pretty good understanding before I started the program. TRIUM opened my eyes more; the global dimensions were greater than I had imagined. ”

Nadir’s module in Shanghai left a particularly strong impression on him.
“I experienced first-hand the business opportunities and challenges in China. It set the stage for me to really explore Asia and emerging markets rather than mature or developed ones.”

Looking to bring the business acumen he acquired at TRIUM to the forefront of his work in public service, Nadir hoped to shift his career in a new direction. The new direction took him back to Shanghai.

In April 2009, Nadir was appointed Consul General of Canada to Shanghai. He finds his new position to be the perfect venue to “actively participate in the global world of business under the umbrella of government.”

As Consul General, Nadir’s responsibilities include promoting trade and investment between Canada and Shanghai, as well as four other provinces in China including the Yangtze River Delta region, an economically significant area which comprises 280 million people, attracts 49% of all FDI into China, and produces nearly 25% of China’s GDP output.

China is Canada’s second largest trading partner, and the Canadian government aims to triple its business with China over the next few years. Nadir will also lead the opening of two new Canadian trade offices in neighbouring cities. Nadir believes that his TRIUM experiences play a critical role in helping him carry out his new responsibilities.

“TRIUM has opened doors and contacts that didn’t exist before.”

The TRIUM program enhanced Nadir’s business skills and broadened his geo-political exposure, helping him become more successful in this new endeavor. As Consul General, Nadir regularly draws on the knowledge he gained from his EMBA.

“TRIUM has made my job easier and more effective, especially working with CEOs of Chinese and Canadian companies in an informed and intelligent manner, and in understanding business concepts as I try to promote Canadian interests in China. TRIUM has played an important role.”

Nadir has had a “phenomenal” experience so far in his new role. He says that his “huge expectations have been exceeded.” As he looks to grow Canadian trade and investment with China, he manages a consulate of 100 employees. Nadir also works closely with the Chinese government on numerous other issues. He has hosted visits by several Cabinet Ministers, and is looking forward to the World Expo next year in Shanghai where Canada will play a prominent role.

“In all that I do, going global has become easier with the tools provided by TRIUM.”

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